6 Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, A Decor Guild You Can Try Out

Tuscan Style Home

If you are a person who likes the rustic, sun baked, warm earthy interiors, then you should consider the old world Mediterranean style interiors or the tuscan interior design ideas for your home. The Tuscan style interior is similar to the Southwestern architecture style and décor.

Tuscan House

These interiors of italy house design are having the characteristic stone patios, terra-cotta tiles, textured wall finishes, detailed and elegant murals and iron accents. The Tuscan interior designs are found in Arizona, Nevada, South California, New Mexico and some parts of Texas.

Tuscan style interior

Luxurious Tuscan style homes can be designed and made with earthy materials that are natural. These materials can then be improved or appreciated with quality finishes to create a home that has abundance of luxury. These kinds of homes are popular because it provides warmth, is comfortable and is very close to nature.

If you design the home well, then you can convert your house into an Italian countryside house without being too loud. The surfaces found in these kinds of homes are rugged to withstand the hardships of farm life, but they do not compromise on refinement. The Tuscan interior design will convert your urban space into a home with a countryside feel.

1. Tuscan Legacy

modern tuscan architecture

The Tuscan countryside is located in Italy, but the homes here have got their influences from the Spanish and the French. The Mediterranean Sea is just to the west of Italy along the borders. The Tuscan influence is high in these regions.

The modern tuscan architecture designs have their influences from the old-world Europe bringing in a lot of elegance and refinement. Some of the natural influences include the olive trees, the grape orchards, golden pears, and some wonderful flowering plants like jasmine, bougainvillea, and rosemary. Tuscany is famous for the popular wines like the Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and the Brunello di Montalcino and likes.

2. Tuscany Colors

tuscany color scheme
tuscan living room

The Mediterranean climate of the Tuscan countryside has influenced the color scheme to a large extent. The colors used in the interiors and exterior paint colors for tuscan style house are warm and nature inspired.

The warm and natural colors like brownish-orange of terra cotta clay, earthy and neutral shades and the light cream shade of worn plaster walls are very common. The green shades used in the homes represents the outer greenery that is represented by the tall Cypress trees that adorn the countryside roads, green vineyards, lemon tree and the foliage fruit.

3. Textured Finish

The Tuscan style home interior stands out from the rest because, instead of the wallpapers, drywall and other artificial surfaces, the Tuscan style homes use more of traditional materials in designing. These materials include plaster, Venetian, stucco and various other decorative finishes. These homes retain the warm neutral colors, such as soft gold, terra-cotta and dull yellow and rich cream. The colors used are heavily rustic and earthy.

4. Artisanal Accents

tuscany decorations ideas

The Tuscan style home interiors and decors seem to evoke an artistic feel. You will find a lot of glazed pottery, metalwork, wrought iron, and stone. The overall Tuscan style is not cluttered. While choosing the accents in a Tuscan interior design make sure they have strong lines, fine finishes, and exudes sufficient warmth and comfort. Wrought iron accessories like the candle stands and the light fixtures can reinforce the rustic theme. Painted ceramic objects and tiles in the house bring a lot of vitality to the design.

5. Lighting For Tuscan Style Home

Italian homes are designed in such a way that there is natural flow of sunlight. Signature Italian homes have natural sunlight streaming through the wooden windows. For the natural light to stream in you have to keep your window treatments clean and restrained. If this is not possible with the windows of your homes, then you can create an artificial light by introducing soft glowing lamplight.

• Exposed Beams

Wooden ceiling beams are commonly found in the Tuscan style home. These wooden beams may look traditional, but are an integral part of Tuscan style home. The wood adds a nice little charm to the room and is an essential part of the framework.

• Sun Washed Colors

rustic tuscan style home
Source : Designtrends

The rustic tuscan color palette leans towards the heavy and earthy colors of the surroundings. When you look at the big picture, the landscape includes tall dark cypress trees, pink sunsets, green fields and the earthy homes. These surroundings are the natural inspiration for the Tuscan architecture. Eliminate the pastels, black and white shades, and the vivid bright colors from your color palette to achieve a Tuscan color palette.


Tuscan style entry way decor
Source : Houzz

The flooring in a Tuscan style home is made from slate, stone, tile or dark stained timber. The more the use of natural material the closer it is to the Tuscan architecture. If you want to use rugs, then go for the large woven ones. The rugs should provide the room with a soft sensual feel that is next to the hard surfaces.

The most important charm of the Tuscan floor is that the same outside floor runs inside the house. These are separated by the large French windows, which you can keep it open during the warm months for fresh air. The kitchen and the dining area in the Tuscan style home runs as an extension of the house, which allows the family to get together and enjoy their lunch and dinners. With the right concrete contractor, you are assured that you will achieve whatever plan you have in mind, and your money and flooring will not go to waste.

6. Tuscan Décor

Tuscan style  Decor

Tuscans love metal work. Therefore, creating and adding any furniture you should stick to the rough iron look. The furniture should match the modern tuscan architecture, but also be functional and sophisticated. The wood furniture should always be stained in dark color. Select hand carved furniture, old pottery and a lot of antiques that forms an integral part of the Tuscan architecture.

Tuscan Interior Style

Once you get an idea of the Tuscan architecture, then it becomes easier to design the elements into your homes. Tuscany has a lot of artistic and cultural heritage.

This is expressed tuscan interior designs in their art galleries, palaces, villages, museums and churches.

The part of this culture found in the tuscan style home designs and in the architecture of their homes.

Tuscan interior design is a rustic, yet elegant style that can be used in any home. Tuscan design is based on the traditional architecture and decoration of Tuscan homes. Tuscan style emphasizes natural materials, such as stone and wood, and it employs warm colors to create an inviting, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Tuscan design is also characterized by its use of wrought iron, which adds a touch of elegance to any space. If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your home, Tuscan interior design is a great option to consider.

There are many Tuscan-inspired decorating products available on the market, so you can easily find the perfect pieces to suit your personal taste. With a little effort, you can transform your home into a Tuscan oasis.

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