Find The Perfect Type of Bangs Style That Works Best For You!

type of bangs

Bangs are one of the most popular styles women are choosing for their hair. We have listed a lot of different styles for short hair, to long hair to help you through the confusion trying to find the perfect match for you.

How do I know what type of bangs to get?

If you are considering adding bangs to your hairstyle, we have listed many photographs to help you out. Our styles are broken up into various categories such as the length of your hair, your hair’s texture including fine, to course. Whether you have short hair or very long hair there’s something with your name on it. Our chosen types of bangs looks are very popular and quite beautiful.


If you find something you really want to add to your hairstyle, please, please, do not take it upon yourself to cut it yourself.  You should get with a professional hairstylist to get the very best results. A professional will analyze your hair texture and length to ensure you get the look you want. If you take it upon yourself to cut bangs, you will not be very pleased with the final results. Check the type of bangs style below for your next haircut.

I. Styles Of Bangs Depending On The Length Of Your Hair

1.Short Hair with Bang

# Short Casual Styles with Baby Bangs

We consider the following styles as some of the very best and are absolutely gorgeous! This is one of the newest hot designs known as “Baby Bangs”. If you have short hair, this is an excellent match you are going to love!

#Casual Curly Short Hair Designs with Baby Bangs

If short hair is a style you prefer, we have listed some wonderful ideas to give a little spice to your hairstyle.  You might want to consider the look, shown above or Looking for more ! See more at short haircuts with bangs.

2. Medium Length Hair with Side Bangs

# Medium Length Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

Side bangs look incredible whether your hair is short, medium or long. In general, this style works really well with longer hair. You can comb your hair back or styling your hair to natural looking.  Side bangs are very easy to care for and look very elegant.

#Balayage Medium length Hair with Feathered Bangs

If you have decided to change your look and grow out your short hair, you will discover many wonderful styles available for you. Medium length hair has many pros including being able to wear it in different ways. Adding Feathered bangs can be a really nice touch. One very fashionable style for medium hair are curtain bangs. Curtain bangs can accentuate your tresses going from brown to blond known as Balayage. Balayage is a technique for highlighting your hair by painting dyes on various hair strands to create an amazing look while still looking quite natural. 

3. Bangs For Long Hairstyles

# Curtain Bangs For Long Hair

Curtain bangs compliment long hair and add a slightly out of control look. In case you are confused, fringe and bangs are the same thing, it just depends on which term you are accustomed to. 

II.Bangs For Different Textures Of Hair

We have a new category that caters to different bangs for different kinds of hair. A very popular look and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

1. Bangs for Fine Thin Hair

If you are looking to make your bangs look fuller, you should consider the Bardot look This style is named after the famous actress from the 60s and 70s,  Brigitte Bardot. Your bangs will look much fuller and have a sort of blown away look, It is good for those who have fine thin hair.

Bangs For Different Textures Of Hair
Source: Lucy Boynton

2.Bangs For Thick Hair

Those of you with thick hair know how difficult it can bet to control your hair. You might want to have your stylist layer your hair for more control. This photo might just grab your attention when you are ready for a new look.

3. Bangs For Those With Curly Locks

Many women who have curly hair believe they cannot have bangs. We will show you that you too can have bangs! Here is a great example that will have you looking amazing.

4. Great Bang Styles For Straight Hair

You can create this style easily for a lovely look to your hair. Straight hair has little to no volume, making your hair look quite flat. Well, now you can see that’s not the case anymore.

5. Wispy Bangs For Wavy Hair

If you have chosen to have straight bangs with wavy hair, you know it does not look very natural. You need wavy bangs to match your kind of hair. Your hairstylist can give you a look that is absolutely fantastic.

Wispy Bangs For Wavy Long Hair

6. Frontal Bangs

Keep in mind, not everyone should have frontal bangs. It will depend on the shape of your face and whether your bangs are above or below your eye line. Get with your stylist to decide which will look the best.

Blue hair with sharp Frontal Bangs
Source: IG/Medeline

7. Side Swept Bangs

These same rules apply to side swept bangs. A lot will depend on the shape of your face and your forehead. You can decide to have shorter or longer bangs so you can brush them or pull them behind your ear. 

III.Variations for Side Bangs.

You can choose whichever side of your face you want them to be. Just play around and see what side suits you.

These styles will curtain your face depending on the length of your hair. These styles are excellent for drawing attention to facial features. Keep in mind the longer versions will hide your eyes:

1.Long Bangs Style

2. Curtain Bang Styles

3. Side Swept Short Bangs

You might think these bangs are Baby Bangs but actually they are not. They are longer than Baby Bangs and considered the first style for short bangs.

4. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs have become very popular over the past few years. They are somewhat like fringe bangs but are shaped to be much fuller. They are also straighter and a great deal more compact.

If you are looking for a new style for your hair including bangs, we have chosen many new styles you can look through and find your perfect match.  Keep in mind, the texture of your hair and the length along with whether your hair is fine, middle-of-the-road or course will play a part in your final choice. Select your preferences that will work best for you. It’s always a good idea to talk with your hairstylist before making a final decision.

Again, before making a final decision, we highly recommend you talk with your stylist first to ensure you are choosing a style that will work with your hair, especially the texture to guarantee this look will work with your hair.

We hope our list will give you some great ideas and you will soon have a fabulous new look!

types of bangs style