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25 Under Hair Dye Ideas That Will Transform Your Look

Trying out different hairstyles is always cool and happening. Under hair dye or peekaboo hair is one such trendy hairstyle that can be tried quite often. Under layer hair dye style gives you that cool look every time you flaunt it.

Peek a boo hair style not only makes you gorgeous, but also makes you stand out from the rest. The way you look will depend on the colors you decide to choose. Though, certain colors suit few haircuts more than other, but then there is always scope to try out new colors.

There are a wide range of colors to choose from and that will determine the way you look. Lighter tones will make you the center of attention while a dark under dye will give you a rebellious look. It’s all the matter of colors and how you carry the look.

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What is peekaboo hair/under hair dye?

Peekaboo hair color is a trendy hair coloring technique that involves adding pops of color to peek through the top layer of hair. The effect is achieved by adding color to the lower layers. The result is a fun and playful hairstyle that can be customized to suit any taste.

How to prepare for under hair dye?

Before diving into the world of under hair dye, it is essential to prepare your hair properly. Start by consulting with a professional hairstylist who specializes in color treatments. They can guide you on the best approach for your specific hair type and desired look. It is crucial to have a clear vision of the color you want and communicate it effectively to your stylist.

Another important step in preparing for under hair dye is to ensure your hair is in optimal condition. This includes a regular hair care routine that consists of deep conditioning treatments and minimal heat styling. Healthy hair will absorb the color better and result in a more vibrant and long-lasting outcome. It is also advisable to avoid washing your hair the day before your appointment to allow the natural oils to protect your scalp during the dyeing process.

Choosing the right color for under hair dye

Choosing the right color for your under hair dye is crucial to achieve the desired effect. There are various factors to consider when making this decision. Firstly, think about the overall look you want to achieve. Do you prefer a subtle, natural-looking color or a bold and vibrant one? This will help determine the intensity of the dye you choose.

Consider your skin tone as well. Certain colors complement different skin tones better than others. For those with warm undertones, shades like copper, rose gold, or warm reds can be flattering. Cooler undertones can opt for blues, purples, or even pastel shades. It is also important to take into account your natural hair color. Some colors may require pre-lightening or bleaching if you have darker hair to achieve the desired result.

Under Hair Dye Ideas

The following 25 under hair color are some of the trendiest styles

1. Under Dye Short Hair

A layered hair can look classy and stylish when combined with soft color. It goes well with the brown hair. The light brown bob cut and the underneath blond color is sweet and stylish. The short hair underlayer hair color is cute, elegant and makes you look youthful.

2. Black Hair With Blue Peekaboos

The blue under peekaboo highlights look is not for the faint hearted. The long haircut has been revived with blue peekaboo balayage on black hair. Bob haircut always has a cute feel, but the blue hair dye makes it charming and cool. The blue haircut along with the low-cut outfits will help in enhancing your overall beauty.

3. Blonde Underneath Hair Color For Brown Hair

Blonde Underneath Hair Color For Brown Hair

The dark brown with blonde hair under is perfect for brunette people. The long blonde skunk stripe under hair color is suited for both dark skinned as well as white skinned people. White skinned people prefer to have the long blonde undercut. Since this is a very stylish hairstyle the platinum blonde hair with peekaboo color is easily suited for serious business. 

4. Yellow Tone Under layer hair dye

Medium hair always looks beautiful. When the hair is colored with atomic yellow under dye the same hair raises to a different level altogether. Medium hair looks stylish and graceful in the yellow under layer hair dye. This is a preferred color peekaboo highlights during the autumn months even though it may look bright. Carry the season on your hair.

5. Long Length Rose Gold Peekaboo Hair

When the bottom of the long length hair is colored in golden rose, it increases the overall look of the hairstyle. The colors are more appealing when the hair is tied with hairpins. This winter favorite hair color gives a fresh feel to your hair and helps improve your confidence that can be visible in your overall demeanor.

6. Blonde Hair With Peekaboo Color Pink

The pink peek a boo hair makes you look like a cute baby. Moreover, it goes very well with printed outfits. Although the look will vary according to the shape of the face and skin color, still it would be wise to use a mild under pink color. Even though this is perfect for straight hairstyles there is no harm in trying it on wavy curls.

7. Orange Under Hair Dye

Orange Under Hair Dye

The medium length hairstyle and the orange under dye hair color go well with each other. You can increase your style quotient by combining this color for your dark hair. Increase your glamour by combining the dark makeup and also adding in some bangs along with your bun hair.

8. Unicorn Color

This hot looking tiktok hair dye underneath is ideal for long and wavy hair. The color and hair style are made for each other. Coloring the hair is hot and trendy. Unicorn hair dye is the hottest hair dye that anyone can carry with style.

9. Rainbow Under Hair Dye for Granny Curly Hair

Rainbow colors are always attractive and when you decide to flaunt them on your hair, then you will glow like a star. This under hair dye will awaken your innocence, just like a child. Combine it with gray hair to accentuate your facial features. The best part of this beautiful looking hair is the ease at which you can get ready making it one of the most preferred colors.

10. Purple Under Hair Dye

Mermaids are cute and attractive due to their color. The best part of this dark brown hair with purple peekaboos is how the color changes from light to dark making every part of the hair look gorgeous. If you love a cute look, then this hairstyle is ideal. It makes you look attractive. The mermaid color plump under dye is most suited for slim-fit outfits.

11. Peek-a-boo Colorful

Highlight the rainbow color by emphasizing your pink hair with an under dye, which is necessary for low-cut outfits. Even though the peekaboo look is hard enough, the pink color adds in some softness to the overall appearance. A underhair color that mixes the rainbow colors definitely adds to the beauty.

12. Soft Pastel Underneath Hair Color For Brown Hair

Get an attractive look by combining your soft brown hair with the bicolor under hair dye. You can create a new hair style by adding these light hues to your long hair. The straight hair are beautiful and cute when combined with bicolor.

13. Red Under Hair Dye on Blonde Hair

The beautiful blonde hair with red shade of under dye will make your hair look soft and shiny similar to a sunset shade. This red hair dye is best suited for dark hair and round head people. The combination of dark hair and the red hair under increases the elegance and beauty of the hair style.

14. Dark Brown Hair With Purple Peekaboos

Like to stand out in the crowd, look attractive and make you look younger then get ready to combine your brown hair with lavender colored underneath. The choice of color makes your bob look fuller and softer. The overall alternative hairstyle looks great with dark colored clothing and Jewelry. The colors look beautiful for people with triangular and round faces.

15. Pink and Purple Underneath Blonde Hair

Soft curl hairstyle has always been in trend. To increase the cuteness quotient, experiment with two colors like the purple and pink. The sharp appearance of the hair style will make you look attractive. Ideal hairstyle for any party.

16. Colorful Underneath Hair

Colorful underneath hair is a popular trend in the world of hair styling and fashion. It involves dyeing the lower layers of hair in vibrant and eye-catching colors, while keeping the top layer a more natural shade. This technique allows for a fun and bold look that can be easily hidden or shown off depending on the occasion. Whether it’s a peekaboo streak of pink or a full rainbow of colors, colorful underneath hair adds a playful and unique touch to any hairstyle. It’s a great way to express individuality and creativity while still maintaining a professional appearance.

17. Blonde Under Dye on Dark Hair

The long back with blonde underneath hair The blond under dye hair makes your wavy locks stand out. The wavy blond curls under the dark hair looks extremely beautiful. The dark toned hair helps in accentuating every wave. You will feel like some cool breeze is hitting your hair. If you have blonde hair. You can try wavy blonde with black underneath hair. The waves will look like sun rays hitting your locks on a warm sunny beach. A good beach holiday haircut.

18. Silver Peek A Boo hair on Rose Gold

The gorgeous looking silver under layer hair color is not to be missed. The rose gold color haircut is ideal for length wavy hair giving it an aesthetic look that is cute as well as charming. The under-hair color along with the wavy curls matches the white colored clothes providing a lot of gloss.

19. Light Pink Under Hair Dye

Soft Pink hair under when combined with long wavy hair looks stunning. The purple under dye and the middle open long hair. Experiment with different colors for a gorgeous looking hairstyle that goes well for any occasion.

20. Green Tone Under Dye with Bob Haircut

The green tone undercut hairstyle stands out when combined with a bob haircut. You will look attractive and stylish all because of the green color under dye. The under-color green shades will peep out from the blond hair making the overall hairstyle look elegant. You will never want to give up on this color and hairstyle once you try.

21. Burgundy Under Hair Color

To attain a cute and elegant look, combine the look with Burgundy. The straight hair is ideally suited for half and half hair color top and bottom with the burgundy color. The hair texture along with the shiny burgundy shade accentuates your round face and gels well with your hair. The straight locks and the burgundy under dye is great for any meetings no doubt.

22. Green Under Hair Dyed Braided Look

Braided hair is always easy to make and looks equally attractive. Combine the braided hair with a base color to stand out from the rest. The in-between transitions on the braided hair will make you look gorgeous. Green haircolor is a good peekaboo hair color placement for people who prefer something unique.

23. Yellow and Orange Dye Under Hair

Your blonde hair will look absolutely gorgeous when you combine these two lively colors. It is a perfect blend that gives your hair a natural look and it is just cute when combined with a tiny bun. The all-nature colors give a natural shine to the hair. When combined with a perfectly suited outfit, your blonde hair will stand out in the crowd.

24. Copper Peekaboo Hair for Long Wavy Bob Hair

Long bob hair is great for experimentation and this is true in case of an under dye hair. The hue of blond on the hair combined with copper hair color is a great example of experimentation. The blonde hair with peekaboo color on a long wavy bob hair is best suited for diamond or round faces.

25. Ash Purple Peek-a-boo Hair

The ash purple color is ideal to give you that serious and stylish appearance. The overall look may not be harsh, but will be sufficiently serious as well as soft. Your face will perfectly suit this hairstyle and shine in the spring weather when combined with peekaboo hair.

Maintenance tips for under hair dye

Once you have achieved your desired under hair dye look, it is important to take proper care of your colored hair to maintain its vibrancy and longevity. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  1. Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner: Regular shampoos can strip away the color, so opt for products specifically designed for colored hair.
  2. Limit washing: Washing your hair too frequently can cause the color to fade faster. Try to stretch the time between washes to preserve the vibrancy.
  3. Cold water rinses: When washing your hair, rinse with cool water instead of hot water. Hot water can open the hair cuticles and allow the color to escape.
  4. Protect from the sun: UV rays can fade hair color, so wear a hat or use hair products with UV protection when spending time in the sun.
  5. Avoid excessive heat styling: Heat styling tools can cause the color to fade faster. Minimize the use of flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers or use them on a lower heat setting.
  6. Regular touch-ups: Under hair dye may require touch-ups to maintain the color intensity. Consult with your hairstylist on how often you should schedule touch-up appointments.

By following these maintenance tips, you can enjoy your under hair dye look for an extended period and keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

FAQ about under hair dye;

Q: Can I dye my own hair underneath?

A: While it is possible to dye your own hair underneath, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional hairstylist. They have the expertise and knowledge to ensure the dye is applied evenly and the desired result is achieved. DIY dyeing can be challenging, especially when it comes to reaching the back of your head and ensuring an even application.

Q: How long does under hair dye last?

A: The longevity of under hair dye depends on various factors, such as the color used, hair care routine, and how often you wash your hair. On average, under hair dye can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. However, vibrant and bold colors may fade faster compared to more subtle shades.

Q: Will under hair dye damage my hair?

A: When done correctly and with proper care, under hair dye should not cause significant damage to your hair. However, it is important to note that any chemical treatment can have some impact on the hair’s health. It is crucial to follow a hair care routine that includes deep conditioning treatments and minimal heat styling to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Q: Can I change the color of my under hair dye?

A: Yes, you can change the color of your under hair dye. If you want to switch to a different color, it is recommended to consult with a professional hairstylist. They can assess your current hair color, advise on the best approach for achieving the desired result, and ensure a seamless transition from one color to another.

Q: Can I have multiple colors for my under hair dye?

A: Absolutely! Under hair dye offers endless possibilities for creativity. You can experiment with multiple colors, create gradients, or even incorporate patterns. Discuss your vision with a professional hairstylist to determine the best approach for achieving the multi-color look you desire.


Under hair dye is a fantastic way to add a touch of excitement and personal style to your look. Whether you opt for subtle peekaboo highlights or bold and vibrant colors, under hair dye can transform your hairstyle and make you stand out from the crowd. By properly preparing for the dyeing process, choosing the right color, and following a maintenance routine, you can enjoy your under hair dye look for an extended period. Embrace your creativity and dare to dazzle with under hair dye!

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