45 Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos for Women


undercut hairstyles with hair tattoosSome very Interesting Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos and Long Hair Undercut for Women

Women undercut hairstyles is the latest hairstyle trend of 2017 that has attracted the attention of millions of women who want to try out something new and interesting with their hair. The use of different and unique colors on the long hair undercut and the hair tattoos is a craze on the various social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. These new edgy women undercut hairstyles are a bold trend that spans from being feminine to completely edgy. A good hair stylist can turn your long hair undercut into a piece of art by including some geometric designs and pictures, also known as hair tattoos. If you are not going to limit yourself to an undercut, then you can even consider getting your natural tresses colored in many different shades.

These interesting and bold hairstyle trends are a craze now, but who would have thought of edgy hair tattoos on your head that is designed using your hair instead of the ink, which is quite original. Moreover, there are no needles used to create this piece of art, just the humble razor is used to create these designs on your head.

The reason that longhair undercut hairstyles is popular because you can show it off to select few or wear it out open with an Updo or even hide it away. The possibilities are many with the women undercut hairstyles and the hair tattoos. These hairstyles are very popular all over the world and not only in the United States, but one important contributing factor for the increasing trend is because many celebrities are seen sporting these on various occasions.

For ideas on how to get good women undercut hairstyles, hair tattoos and long hair undercut done for you, take a detailed look at these interesting and trendy women undercut hairstyle ideas. Short, Women Undercut Hairstyles along with Hair Tattoos.

11. Grey Tribal Pixie Cut Hair Tattoo

The use of geometric patterns that is very similar to the multiple arrowheads in this pixie hair cut reminds you of a boycut that is pretty badass; it also inspires one to chop up their hair again. The haircut is pretty simple, but adds a lot of character and confidence that otherwise wouldn’t show. Even though this undercut hairstyle is pretty safe compared to the ones that are coming up, a lot of women still wouldn’t prefer to sport this undercut haircut.

2. Stars and Stripes Grayish Pixie Women Undercut Hairstyle


This hairstyle looks great on younger women with a gray hair shade. The hair tattoo design here is a double star fading away into the nape with two stripes. Both these patterns are designed in two different areas of the head, the later falling above the ear and the other behind. The use of light purple tones on the hair is to add some adolescence. The cut on its own makes the stripes visible, but the stars remain hidden under the fringe. A great piece of art by the stylist!

3. X-Files Magic Layered Wavy Cut


This hairstyle is longer in the front and shorter in the back. The rainbow colored women undercut hairstyle shows a scene from the X-files and a UFO from space. If you pull up the colored back hair, one can see a home, trees and a UFO all created in a scenario box. The choice of color may not be attractive for many, but the piece of artwork and how a scene has been depicted at the back of the head is amazing.

4. Colorful California Hair Pixie Women Undercut Hairstyles


This hairstyle looks loud and screaming, taking you to a land of candies. The hairstyle oozes a lot of attitude with the use of pink, blue and purple on the top and the zigzag tattoo pattern in pink, green, purple and blue underneath. This hair tattoo is an artistic work for photographers and many are talking about it on the internet. A matching earring with this haircut will add an extra effect.

5. Stairway to Nowhere Pixie Haircut


This is more of a Mohawk haircut than a pixie. This cool haircut features a shaved nape with clippers used at the back of the head from above the ears and lot of tiered triangles that resembles a stairway. This hair tattoo is really bold and you will need a good hairstylist to achieve this unique look.

6. Sound Waves Side Hair Tattoo


The side shaves or side hair tattoo is ideal for you if you like to leave your hair down the shoulders. This hair trend is rebellious showing off to the world in style and also following the latest hair trends. The wavy pattern looks similar to real waves or emulates sound waves.

7. Taper Fade Side to Under Pixie Cut



Pixie hair cuts are very interesting, but the use of side tattoo undercut to create a tapered striped look gives an image of confidence and style. This haircut looks great on black colored hair along with the side and under combination that makes this haircut picture perfect.

8. Flower of Life Side Undercut Hair Tattoo


In this women undercut hairstyle, most of the purple hair is pulled to one side, which allows you to see the prominent flower of life tattoo. The tattoo here looks just beautiful and attractive with the Ombre Lilac and amethyst combination. The neck length loose hair gives a scary feel from the side.

9. Key to my mind hair tattoo


The Mohawk hairstyle frees up the side of the head for creating some very interesting hair tattoos. This Mohawk is a longer female version of the same hairstyle, but allows it to look fierce and trendy. The key to my mind design is quite an attraction.

10. Faded Side Buzz Ladyhawk


There are millions of women with shorthair, but only the bold ones can experiment with the ladyhawk look. The complete buzz cut on the sides of the head and down to the nape and the hair at the centre is pulled up into a spike that is nice and long. The lines that are running across the length of the side of the head make the overall hairstyle sweet and sexy.