45 Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos for Women


undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos

Some very Interesting Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos and Long Hair Undercut for Women

Women undercut hairstyles is the latest hairstyle trend of 2017 that has attracted the attention of millions of women who want to try out something new and interesting with their hair. The use of different and unique colors on the long hair undercut and the hair tattoos is a craze on the various social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. These new edgy women undercut hairstyles are a bold trend that spans from being feminine to completely edgy. A good hair stylist can turn your long hair undercut into a piece of art by including some geometric designs and pictures, also known as hair tattoos. If you are not going to limit yourself to an undercut, then you can even consider getting your natural tresses colored in many different shades.

These interesting and bold hairstyle trends are a craze now, but who would have thought of edgy hair tattoos on your head that is designed using your hair instead of the ink, which is quite original. Moreover, there are no needles used to create this piece of art, just the humble razor is used to create these designs on your head.

The reason that longhair undercut hairstyles is popular because you can show it off to select few or wear it out open with an Updo or even hide it away. The possibilities are many with the women undercut hairstyles and the hair tattoos. These hairstyles are very popular all over the world and not only in the United States, but one important contributing factor for the increasing trend is because many celebrities are seen sporting these on various occasions.

For ideas on how to get good women undercut hairstyles, hair tattoos and long hair undercut done for you, take a detailed look at these interesting and trendy women undercut hairstyle ideas. Short, Women Undercut Hairstyles along with Hair Tattoos.

211. Asymmetrical Short with Funky Tats

This look is quite a craze on the Instagram. The purple-pink hair on the short haircut with half of the head in nearly buzz cut and the other in bob like with wisps flaring out. To increase the wow factor, add in some lines that splits across and some longer pieces over the buzz undercut makes the haircut looks pretty impressive.

12. Faux LadyHawk with Petal Tattoos


The head is shaved on most part in this haircut with hair left at the centre that is layered to the side. The centre hair is colored blonde and the buzz cut around allows a huge canvas to create these pretty petal tattoos that resembles a flower or something resembling a cannabis leaf. It is a total underground look.

13. Frosted Side Bob with Shaved Etching


This hairstyle is a good combination of a frosted hair with white blonde covering the dark layers that is resting on to one side of the head. The nape is shaved close to the head that creates a great canvas for the stylist. The etchings here are simple zigzag lines that are followed by a semicircle that adds a minimalist design to the otherwise stylish haircut.

14. Winter Frosty Undercut Hair


The short women undercut hairstyles have one common theme that is the side swept hair. False LadyHawk taking over, with a large section of hair shaved off, allowing the stylist to work upon. To create a winter look, the hair is colored white, the side shave and the undercut is used to create snowflakes, reminding you of the chilly winter season.

15. Mermaid Side Bob with Sunshine Tattoos


The hair tattoos here in this mermaid colored hairstyle stands out with blonde side shave of this side bob. The remaining hair with the blue-green-aqua colors is seen falling in layers over the eyes and down the back. This is a short look with a modern mermaid appeal that looks great for a beach holiday.

16. Valentine’s Day Undercut Hair Tattoo with Bob


This undercut hair tattoo is a great way to celebrate the day of love and romance. This cute looking women undercut hairstyle can surely put you in a romantic mood for the day and is as effective as a chocolate. The hair tattoo here is cut into an inch long hair, making it softer and the two hearts that are designed is colored in nice peach and pink shades to add to the overall valentine day feel.

17. Mermaid Scales and Pink Fire Locks


This is a perfect fishy hair cut with the mermaid scale tattoo. The Centre hair is colored pink and held up tight and straight, reminding you of the famous pop singer “Pink”.

Updo Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos

18. Blue and Pink Braids with Cat Hair Tattoos


The women undercut hairstyle on this style is simple, but the use of colors and designs makes it look pretty interesting. The hair is split into two portions with one side colored in pink and the other in blue and the hair is braided into an Updo with beautiful flowers sitting pretty at the back. The undercut is colored in pink with a cat hair tattoo design in blue. This is a very positive undercut hairstyle that allows you to express your love towards your feline friend. The color of the tattoo can be changed as and when required, making the overall haircut ideal for the spring season.

19. Mohawk Themed High Bun with an Undercut Hair Tattoo


For Mohawk lovers who like to keep their hair long and symmetrical, the arrowhead look is just great. Make sure the tip of the arrows points upwards on a triangular canvas at the back of the head. This is one of the most popular looks on the Instagram and there are great stylists out there who are masters at designing this hair tattoos.

20. Stars under Messy Bun


The stars under a messy bun are a cool hairstyle to sport for a night out with friends or even on a cool date. The stars on the undercut hair are highlighted with the high messy bun to give that relaxed look. Keep the nape shaved for a clean and beautiful women undercut hairstyles.