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10 Rainbow Hair Color | Unicorn Frappuccino inspired

Rainbow hair color is hot now.

Starbucks just launched a new menu pink+rainbow color  “Unicorn Frappuccino”. Which is currently viral in a social world.

Unicorn Frappuccino is a sweet, sour and spicy drink. Contains mango, passion fruit and lemon. Topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with pink and blue powder. Reasons to use the name “unicorn” is  to communicate about the well known legendary horse with horn. That’s cute and colorful. It links to the miracle of this drink.

Unicorn Frappuccino
Unicorn Fever
Instagram @liltello

The miracle of unicorn is like a magic. It goes viral so quick. With the powerful of candy color and characteristic of unicorn, It inspire to many people especially girl and lady who love fun and creative. Some of unicorn lovers create and change their hair color to rainbow color by get inspired from unicorn. Let’s see their idea below.

1. Rainbow pastel hair color

2. Pink color hair color + blue highlight

Pink color hair color
Instagram @caitlinfordhair

3. Bright Blue color, match with unicorn frappuccino

unicorn frappuccino hair color

4. Ombre hair with purple gradient

frappuccino Hair Color

5. Long hair style with braid, Pink+Blue color

Long hair style with braid, Pink+Blue color
Instagram @stylebycre

6. Boho Style, Granny hair hi-lighted with candy color

Unicorn Cappuccino hair color
Instagram @caitlinfordhair

7. Inspired from Rainbow with 2 space bun

Rainbow  hair color
Instagram @chitabeseau

8. Low braid crown decorated with small figure

9. A natural blonde with scattered splashes

 A natural blonde with scattered splashes
Instagram @hairbymisskellyo

10. loose braid with rainbow hair color

loose braid with rainbow hair color
Instagram @hairbymisskellyo

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