Upcoming Fashion Trends Every Fashion Enthusiast Should Know

Upcoming Fashion Trends

Every season unveils new looks as fashion trends hit the market and go. What you may consider acceptable is continually being reinvented, recycled, or dismissed. The cycle of every fashion trend varies in terms of length because some seem to have gained a forever staying power, but others die out immediately they hit the market. 2020 is a year that fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to because this industry never disappoints. Below is a list of four upcoming trends that every fashion enthusiast should know.

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1.      Upgraded Classics

A lot of you are probably familiar with the phrase “classical wear with a twist” because it has been in use for many years. However, it’s the way classics are transformed every year that makes them exciting. For instance, the old-school denim has been in the market for years, but a lot of exciting changes have been made on it over the years. For example, designers have previously had a lot of fun with denim offering striped washes, single-leg incarnation, and diagonal stitching.

While there’s no doubt that denim wear will remain in the market, fashion enthusiasts can wait to see what twist the designers will add to it. Also, the trench is here to stay with previous styles being embroidered with crystals, oversized with wide, split sleeves. Spy work has never looked cooler. While it’s hard to tell precisely how denim and the trench will be designed, the sure thing is that they will be in many clothing stores in the coming years. 

2.      Pattern, Print

For a few seasons now, print has been gaining popularity in the men’s catwalks, but this trend rose much more in the Spring of 2020. It’s expected that patterns and print clothing for men and women will not be going anywhere. The only thing designers will do is put their creativity to work in terms of the graphics, animal prints, and florals on these clothes.

The scope for great mix and match in terms of animal print and florals is proving endless. Besides, it’s always fun when men wear matching tops and pants on the catwalk. Since this trend is quickly turning into de rigor for any fashionable man, it’s a trend that fashion enthusiasts look forward to its transformation in the future.

3.      Jeans

Years ago, bell-bottom jeans were trending in the fashion industry, but skinny jeans later replaced them. For years, jeans options have been expanding. The latest trends are tight, loose, high-waisted, or low-waisted. It won’t be surprising if future jeans don’t come in any of the above options. While there’s a huge variety of jean styles, the designers here have always been creative, making this a trend to look forward to. Plus, in all honesty, jeans are most people’s wardrobe staples. The market for jeans is enormous, and it would only make more sense for designers to keep new trends coming.

4.      Beachwear Meeting the 1960s and 1970s

Expect to see the continuation of kimono-like cover-ups and crotchet tops, giving a beach-like feel to purses, bags, and jewelry. Slinky dresses and dresses that are hippie-inspired will continue to be popular this year, mainly because high-waisted bottoms and jumpsuits are already in the scene. In case you don’t like the couch-inspired color schemes and prints of the 1960s and 1970s, you might not be glad to hear that this trend is here to stay. Expect also that the hot pant shorts will become tighter, kicking competition out. People will fall in love with the 1970’s trend all over again. 

5.      Watches 

Watches have been with us for many years. But they do more than tell time. Watches can be used as a way to add on to your style and express your personality. Vintage watches remain the desired fashion trend. While this will continue to be in the market, smartwatches won’t be kicked to the curb. To find the best men’s watches for sale, check different websites for a variety of choices.


As you watch out for these trends, remain true to the styles that make you comfortable. Also, keep your budget in mind when shopping. Stay true to your style and trust your sixth sense when it comes to shopping. Trendy fashion should not be the reason you get into debt. 

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