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8 Ways to Upgrade a Bedroom to Look More Expensive

Everyone wants to stay in a luxurious bedroom. But Do you know that? To make the bedroom look expensive. Actually No need to spend costly things to decorate. We can upgrade bedroom to look more expensive in a limit budget with the following methods.

Upgrade Bedroom to look expensive

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1. Add Stylish Cushions  

If you do not want the bedroom to look like a normal bedroom where we sleep every day. But want the atmosphere of a luxury hotel room. Try to find a nice, stylish cushion in the bed. It will transform ordinary bedroom into a luxury immediately.

Stylish Bedroom
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2. Bedroom Upgrade by Adding the Ceiling Lights.

Of course, the beautiful lamps hanging down from the ceiling. It makes the room look more elegant than ordinary lights, There are many options to choose from.

What to put in bedroom ; Ceiling light
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3. Room Improvements-Organize the Headboard  

We often put a lot of things on the headboard, whether it is a hand lotion, Phone charger, water bottle. But if you want to make the bedroom looking good. You should organize it and decor an accent wall. Just put it in the drawer and find some nice decorative ; Picture, Vase or etc.. to put above the headboard.

Bedroom that looks expensive
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bedroom accessories
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Bedroom with stuff for your room

4. Highlighting the Room.

A point of eyes furniture such as a beautiful wooden bed head, sitting corner with Luxury cabinets or Designed chairs. Just have only 1or 2 piece to be a hi-light and  be a featured piece.

Upgrade Bedroom
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5. Put the Designed Mirror or Fur Rug to make it Glamorous 

Upgrade Bedroom
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Upgrade Bedroom
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6. Change Some of the Fittings  to make a Good Look.

For example ; a drawer handle of the cabinet or a knob. if  converted into crystal or copper ornaments or DIY your old suitcase and turn into a nice table. These will make the room look more luxurious.

cool things to have in your room

7. Keep the Room in the Way

Not just a bedside table  to keep the mess in place, you can find a nice cabinet or drawer to keep it and remember that every time after use it. Just keep in the same place. and Do not put anything on the floor to make the room look neat.

room improvements
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well organized bedroom

8. Add Green to the Room

Green is another way to transform a plain bedroom into a luxury. May bring small fern pots or other small trees to decorate to add luxury to the bedroom.

Bedroom upgrade
Upgrade Bedroom
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