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8 Vintage Craft Project Ideas

All of us love vintage craft ideas because of its rustic feel. If you want to turn your abode into a classical paradise, but want these to be done economically, then you need to look at this article for some vintage craft ideas. The following collection is some of the best and beautiful DIY vintage craft projects that will give your home a nice vintage feel. All of the projects listed below are easy and simple to make. 

Vintage Craft Project Ideas

With some creative ideas you can transform your regular home into an abode that carries your individuality and original ideas. 

1. Blanket Cushion Covers

Do you have old quilts and cushions lying around for years and are now tired of using them, then there are ways to put new life into these dull looking quilts and cushions and make it look interesting. Cut a pattern from paper with the same dimension as your cushion pad, leaving about 1.5cm as seam allowance. As a template, cut a piece from the blanket for the back cover. Fold the paper over by a third and use it as a pattern by cutting out the front two sections from the different blankets. Make sure that at least one has an edge with satin or the stitched trim. Now place this on top of the back piece making sure that the best sides of the wool face inwards and the raw edges are lined up. 

The two front panels with the trim in the centre will form the opening for the cushion pad. Pin it in place and stitch all the way round using the running stitch along the 1.5cm seam allowance. Cut across the corners and then turn the cover right way out and iron on a light heat and insert the pad. 

2. Vintage Boot Rack

Vintage Boot Rack

This is a beautiful and useful vintage boot rack that is made using the old and unused wooden crates that may be lying around the house or you can even get these from any flea market if you don’t have them at home. These racks are a symbolic rustic stuff and no matter how you arrange them or how many of them are you going to use, this is a great option to keep your muddy shoes off the floor. You can leave these crates as it is in its original form or even consider giving it a nice rustic color to match your décor. 

3. Covered Sketchbooks

Vintage craft project - Sketched book

Sketchbooks from the shop can be customized to suit your style by using pretty patterns. If you are considering to gift it to your friend or family, then you can tailor it to suit their tastes. For this you need to purchase a few decorative papers or a colored picture of a beautiful fabric, tablecloth or garment. Measure and cut the paper to size and stick it to the front cover of the pad using an adhesive. Apply pressure on both sides so that the paper gets stuck firmly. Strengthen the spine using a cotton tape secured in place using strong glue or a double-sided tape. Cut two lengths of a satin ribbon for a tie and stick one end of each length to the inside front and back covers using an adhesive label. Your covered sketch book is ready for gifting.

4. Painted Door

Introduce some vibrancy and bohemian style to your home by the unique and exuberant Bloomsbury flavor interior décor at the Charleston farmhouse. This is a colorful and relaxed technique that has been used to decorate the doors, furniture, walls and lighting. All that is required is your confidence in using the paintbrush. However, uneven shapes and lines with soft edges suit this magical style every bit. Go for a matt emulsion or eggshell paints in a soft color palette with some occasional use of bold shade to decorate a part glazed door. Graphic patterns are the signature style that has been used extensively, which includes circles and vases of flower with a sponge effect background. 

5. Charming Lace Balls

Paper Bird Decoration - Charming Lace Balls

Lace balls look utterly beautiful and can be used to decorate your entire home. All you need to do is to spray some glue doilies to the balloon and allow it to dry. Once it dries and the doilies have made hard balls, you just have to pop and remove the balloon. What is left now is the beautiful looking lace ball that you can use it to decorate the room in your house to give it a lovely vintage look. 

6. Paper Bird Decoration

Vintage Craft Projects-Paper Bird Decoration

This paper bird decoration is perfect for hanging on a door knob, drawer knob or as a window display. Cut out a simple looking bird shape, the body and tail from a piece of card. Using a scalpel make a 2.5cm slit below the back. This is the place where the wings will go. Make another hole with a hole punch above this and put a twine through this to make a hanging loop. Fold a square of wrapping paper and feed it through the larger slit. Open up the folds on each side of the body to make it like a fan and to expand the wings. If you prefer, you could turn this decoration into a flat packed card for the recipient to assemble with a lovely message written on the body of the bird.

7. Vintage Books

Vintage Craft Projects - Vintage Books

Use of vintage books is an excellent idea if you want a simple and cost effective idea to decorate your home. The vintage book idea will add some old-world charm to the new décor. You can use the pages from the books to re-cover tables, make a runner or cover the countertops. Make sure that you are not using the first edition. Take out the pages and make use of your imagination. You can also use the entire book as a decoration if you don’t want to take them apart. 

8. Papered Panels

Vintage Craft Projects- Papered Panels

Introduce decoration to a bedroom or bathroom by adding paper to the door panels of the cabinet or wardrobe. Use paper with a small floral pattern like here. This is a soft and vintage flavor that contrasts the pale and painted weathered unit for an absolutely elegant finish. Measure the each panel and cut a strip of paper to size. Use an adhesive to permanently glue or fix it. A Blu-tack can be used for a temporary and quick finish. It is always better to use wallpaper for large areas, but lightweight fabrics are also great. Even wallpaper works well for small panels.

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