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7 Wall-Mounted Table Ideas | Solution for Small Space

Although, I am not a fan of decorating my space with wall-mounted table. Because I think it is not comfortable. However, It is still a best solution for small space. It is good idea for dorm, kids area, cafe ,Corner area and small apartment.

Here below that are what I gather for you. Even the wall-mounted table is too small for some of your activities. But you can make it nice and beautiful. Let these Ideas inspired you!!

# I really love this style because it is modern and look different from ordinary wall-mounted table that we have seen before. This style have slide tray. It is a very cool Idea and useful and also give you more space when you want to use it. 

# This Idea is good for 2 people stay in the same apartment. Using a corner area,  Making a high wall-mount table wit 2 high chairs. It is a great way to save space and money.

# Super Cute Foldable wall-mounted table for kid’s room. It can use to be a blackboard when it folded and it can be a study table with inner pocket when open it.

# Industrial Style. It looks strong & chic. Wall-Mounted table with 2 drawers. It is cool work space idea for laptop user.

# Beautiful work corner, Use a white color as a main tone, and a paster color for some decorative. It make a room look nice and bright.

# Simple design good for a temporary desk.

# This is a very simple design and it is such a good idea for small space, If you have window frame that have enough space. Just put a built-in shelve that’s it. Easy !!, Right?

All of these above wall-mounted table idea. You can DIY by recycling from your old furniture. It is a great solution for space saving and also cost saving.

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