What to Consider When Decorating Your Property to Sell

What to Consider When Decorating Your Property to Sell
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Making the decision to sell your property and move on to a new home can be a huge step to take, not least because there is plenty to consider when going through the process.

However, while your primary focus may well be on where you are planning to head to next, you should not forget about the importance of ensuring that your current home looks somewhere close to its best.

A new lease of life

Taking the time to paint or decorate a property that you plan to sell might sound like a strange step to some, but the move could be vital if you want to make your home as appealing as possible to any potential buyers.

However, if you’re keen to give your home a new lease of life before putting it on the market, what are some of the key things you should consider? Here we have rounded up just a few thoughts on how you could go about tackling the issue.

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Find the right color

A key issue from the outset is to consider what shade you intend to use on the walls that you want to spruce up. The importance of this should not be downplayed, as picking a bright, lively color may be attractive to some but could put others off.

As paint company Glidden details in its article on the issue, more neutral tones may well be the way to go. The site suggests the likes of Stonehenge Greige and Atrium White, with the former being described as a versatile choice and the latter offering a clean, fresh feel that can make a room look larger.

Your target market

Another matter to consider is who your prospective buyers might be. For instance, as the online mortgage adviser Trussle explains, while first-time buyers might be able to access cash-back or fee-free mortgages, they also need to consider issues such as saving for a deposit, legal fees and other elements when making a move. With that in mind, they may be more interested in buying affordable properties which have been simply decorated.

On the flipside however, those seeking something more high-end might be happy to pay extra money on a property which has been more elaborately decorated or refurbished.

Don’t forget outside

Painting the wood
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While you should ensure your interiors are in top condition, take a moment to consider the exterior color as well. 

As detailed earlier this year, there are a few key changes that you can make to gardens in order to make them attractive. The site outlines how a face-lift is always useful, with experts adding that a fresh coat of paint on fencing could well make a big difference.

Food for thought

Preparing to move house can be hugely exciting, but a key part of that process is ensuring you have a buyer in place for your own property. Improving the look and feel of a home can make a major difference in that regard and we hope the ideas above have given you some food for thought on the issue.

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