What to Do When You Want Old Family Rug in Your Home

What to Do When You Want Old Family Rug in Your Home

Sometimes, we can not let go of the things that have sentimental value to us. For instance, the ancient rug that has been in your family for years that you can’t get rid of. It already looks old and lifeless, but you still cling to the hope that you can use it again. Well, fortunate for you because there are several ways to restore your aged carpet. If you consider placing it again in your home while looking impressively clean, then you should follow the things written below.

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Check For Any Flaws/Stains

The first thing you should do is to look out for any flaws or stains. In thatcase, you will know what action you’ll be doing next. Is it needed for repair? Or just an extensive clean-up? Look for holes, ripples, pulled wool, and the likes. Sugary liquids, food grease, mud, sticky stuff, and pet urine—these are all the misery of the beautiful carpet. If your old rug has one of these stains, you must do a deep cleaning. 

However, be sure to clean it as gently as possible, or it may worsen the damage. As specified by the rug cleaning pros from, area rugs are more delicate than flooring carpets. It is also more vulnerable to several common household issues that can shorten the lifespan of its colors, fibers, or both. So guarantee that you’ll handle it with care.

Tidy Up

After you check for stains, you may need to pull up your sleeves and do extensive cleaning. Thoroughly vacuum on both sides of the rug. You would like to make sure that every last piece of debris is removed. If you do have pets, use a brush attachment to get any lingering unwanted fur.

When solid particles have been lifted from the fabric, start washing it carefully. By using a sponge or soft-bristle brush, apply the cleaning solution to the lather on the rug. Let the cleaner linger on the carpet for five minutes before you continue to rinse. If you have a little knowledge about the extensive cleaning of rugs, you might need to ask a carpet cleaner professional. By seeking their help, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Restoration Might Be Needed

In a case where you think that your old rug can’t be fixed by merely washing, then restoration might be the key. Repair is much more intensive and essential if your carpet has irreversible stains such as ink or dye or permanent damage such as burns or holes. Restoration services usually involve stretching, reweaving, patching, seam repair, and stain removal. If you’re uncertain that you can restore your carpet, check with a specialist first.

Make the Best Out of It

Sometimes carpets are indeed beyond repair. You may want to consider preserving some parts of the rug by shaping it into a small welcome mat, bathroom foot rug, or rug for your pet house. Make use of bits and pieces of your old carpet in various areas throughout your home. Be imaginative and creative because no matter how damaged it might be, there’s a surprising number of uses for your old carpet.

Men sitting on chair with ancient rug

Considering all the things listed above, you should be able to restore your ancient rug and use it again in your home. Nevertheless, you should still need to evaluate the carpet’s condition beforehand and ask a specialist if it is worth the saving. It might be impossible to fix and reuse, so don’t try to do the impossible because even the most excellent rug repair wouldn’t want to work on a hopeless case, and so should you.

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