When to Talk with a Lawyer with Your Law Questions

A Lawyer woman

If you’re talking to an attorney, whether it’s for defense or prosecution, you need to know why you are going to talk with your lawyer. You probably have numerous law questions, and being able to talk to someone who knows the laws is often a viable option in order to help save you in your case. It can even help you win your case if you listen to their advice. In this guide, we’re going to tell you things you can do to speak to your lawyer at https://contelawyers.ca and get the right advice, as well as why you may want to speak with one to help you with any case.

If You Want General Knowledge

One of the main reasons why it’s good to talk to an attorney is for legal advice, and that’s it. If you have any legal questions that involve your case (but you don’t want to disclose any information), you can always get ahold of a lawyer’s office, explain the situation to them slightly, and ask them general questions. It can also help you to avoid making some dire mistakes in your case that could harm your side of the story in the long run.

Stop the Incrimination

There are many people who aren’t entering a guilty plea that think they’re living in an episode of Matlock. Sorry to break it, but you’re not. Television isn’t real, and everything is staged – if you act like that in court, you very well may end up being thrown into jail and kicked out of the courtroom for being in contempt. 

At the same time, you may end up saying something thinking you’re just being a “good citizen” and end up completely incriminating yourself. This happens a lot in defense cases, and often leads to worse charges and punishments to be instilled. Always talk to an attorney, and when they tell you to hush and shut your mouth, it very well may be the best advice you could ever receive.

If You Need Choices

Many attorneys can help you get the right timing that you’ll need in order to get your case heard and your side of an argument won. Many reasons that people get a lawyer is when:

  • You need to plead guilty or innocent to a criminal infraction.
  • If you’re starting your own business and financial liquidity.
  • If you have to sign a contract.
  • If you’re buying or selling a home.
  • If you are getting married, separating, and adopting a child.
  • If you are seeking a medical claim (such as disability, social security, etc.).


If you’re needing a lawyer, it’ll be in your best interest to make sure that you hire a lawyer that handles the type of case that you’re needing to present. Some lawyers handle multiple types of cases, but you don’t want to hire a personal injury lawyer that has no experience with copyright violations helping you to ensure that your YouTube video’s copyright was infringed on. With that being said, always do your homework about a lawyer and make sure that you hire one that isn’t just in it for themselves. You may be surprised how well you can do when you win your case! If you’re being charged and hire a defense lawyer, they can even help you get a plea bargain to reduce sentencing.

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