Why Do Men Pull Away Before Committing?

Why Do Men Pull Away

Life has become rather hectic for almost every person around you. In this fast paced world, it seems that relationships have slipped down the list of priorities for many of you. Sometimes, you will think that women are to blame for a broken relationship. It is true that women feel sad and heartbroken when they break out of a steady relationship. However, the same feeling goes for men.

One of the secrets of a steady and long-lasting relationship is proper understanding between couples. Both the male and female need to understand each other nicely in order to continue being together for life. However, it is true that trying to find out what goes on inside a man’s mind is pretty difficult sometimes. This is especially true when they react in a completely different way than how a woman would respond in a similar situation.

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Common Reasons for a Guy to Pull Out Before Committing

According to experts, there are basically 6 common reasons for men to pull out of a relationship before committing. These are:

  1. Fear of the future
  2. Fear of the past
  3. Immaturity
  4. Desire to keep options open
  5. Questioning the relationship
  6. Desire to remain uncommitted

For the female partner, it is possible to help the male work through some of these reasons, such as fear of the past or some specific concerns about the future. However, you will be surprised to know that some of these issues may be more deeply rooted than you can imagine and may require professional help for him to come out of the concern.

It is true that reasoning behind your male partner’s lack of commitment is critical. Nonetheless, your overall wellbeing and happiness are also equally important. It makes no sense for you to continue being with him for an indefinite period of time because he may clearly never commit to the relationship. It will be a good idea to determine your expectations in your relationship with the guy and t clearly express it to him.

Is He Trying To Break Off Because There Is Someone Else In His Life Or Does He Like Me?

It is rather tough to distinguish a man’s actions in order to understand what is going on in his mind. However, you may notice some major differences in his behavior, from the first date through the way he pulls away from you. According to some experts, it is quite natural for a man to find someone else more attractive than you. However, the intensity of the attraction is the real thing that matters.

If he has someone else in his life apart from you, there are some distinct things about him that you will notice. These are:

  • He starts talking about someone else most of the time in front of you
  • He avoids any intimate conversations and seems cold and distant towards you
  • Seems less physical while with you
  • Has started spending plenty of time on messaging apps or on social media
  • Appears jealous about some other person who may not be a mutual friend

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