Reasons Why You Need to Own a Pocket Knife

pocket knife

Pocket knives have been around for many years, perhaps for as long as we have known metal. The first folding blade might have been discovered around the 17th century in Spain, but the handy tool has so much evolved over the years. Some centuries after it was discovered, people got so attached to it that it was eventually considered a must-have accessory in some populations. Well, as anyone would guess this was due to the dozens of scenarios this pocket toll could come handy in. With time, the tool gained rich history, enough to be passed down from one generation to the other. 

Of course, this is not a history class about the pocket knife, but rather a brief recap to reveal how invaluable the tool has been over the years. Today, most men won’t feel complete without it in their jacket or pants pocket. Let’s dive right in and explore some candid reasons why you need to own a pocket knife. 

1. It’s An Everyday Tool

Even without going to the specifics, there are multiple things that you will need a knife for. For this reason, a pocket knife actually makes your everyday life comfortable. For example, with this knife, you have something to remove price tags from new clothes with. You can cut tubing, paper, and open packages with the tool. This is not to mention when making crafts like whittling. It comes in handy in a long list of everyday tasks that involve cutting, sharpening, chipping, un/screwing, and opening, among others.  

2. Convenience 

Carrying your regular kitchen knife everywhere you go is neither practical nor is it safe. As the name suggests, pocket knives are designed for easy portability in your pocket without any safety risks to your body or others. Modern versions are lightweight to suit your everyday carry needs and are designed with unique features that guarantee convenience, easy portability, and safety. They can even be customized with a tattoo or personalized phrase engraved on the blade. Whether you want to use it as an heirloom or a handy gadget that reflects your taste, you can never go wrong with a pocket knife upgrade.  

3. A Basic Self-Defense Tool 

Life is ever unpredictable. You never know when danger will avail itself, so it makes sense to be prepared. Especially when traversing the wild or high-crime zones, you may feel helps without any self-defense training in case danger presents itself. However, with a pocket knife at hand, you have a fighting chance. It may not necessarily guarantee your safety, but having this tool gives you a fighting chance when attacked by an animal, a thug, or the like.

4. A Survival Tool in Emergencies

There are uncountable times that people have been saved from dying in car accidents just because someone nearby had a pocket knife with them. While car safety belts are meant to promote our safety in case of an accident, sometimes, they may be the reason you don’t get to safety. It’s common to have someone trapped by these belts. With a pocket knife, you can save a life. You can also cut through a piece of cloth or anything of the sort and use it to bandage a wound. You can even cauterize a wound using the heating blade of your pocket knife. A pocket knife can also help you:

  • Sharpen poles of wood and sticks when making shelter in the wild
  • Gathering firewood
  • Making a fire without matches/lighter
  • Cutting flesh and ingredients for a meal in the wild
  • Creating survival gear
  • And many more

These are all survival tactics that your life and safety could depend on.

5. It Substitutes a Tool Box

Ever seen just how handy, a knife can be when you don’t have the right tools for the job or you are short of them? This is one other reason you need to own a pocket knife. It allows you a way around some tasks that you would otherwise not have carried out if you didn’t have a toolbox. At this point, the Swiss Army Knife should ring a bell in the minds of many people ­– that’s if you have heard of it or seen it. Apart from serving as a tool, some of today’s pocket knives actually have multiple tools attached. 

swiss army knife

Most versions come with various tools in addition to the knife blade. Some of them include:

  • Screwdriver 
  • Tweezers 
  • Can opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Bottle opener
  • Awl
  • Nail file
  • Toothpick

Different versions may have a different set of tools and features, but these are all the more reasons to have a pocket knife in your possession.

Finally, a pocket knife comes in handy when on a road trip and you need to do your tummy some justice. It can serve as a spoon, fork, or cutter tool. All the same, you have more than enough reasons to make the pocket knife your best friend, especially if you are a man. 

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