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Over the years, Yamaha has successfully registered in the minds of people as one of the top-notch brands that are excellent in creating speakers and other products that rank high in terms of quality and performance. We strongly believe that the rank is well-earned, judging by the fact that their speakers are built with the finest components, together with professional craftsmanship. 

Even at mid and high range, Yamaha HS8 produces crystal clear and smooth sounds essential for genres such as trance and EDM. Their mids are of great depth, while the sounds that are generated at high volumes are impressive and clean. Whenever your need for quality speakers arise, we advise you to look the Yamaha way, as they have a standing legacy for manufacturing speakers with outstanding sound quality. Whatever ambiance you desire, count on Yamaha HS8 to deliver through a horde of professional speakers. 

Yamaha has a long list of speakers that serve whatever purpose you have in mind, but the HS8 is among the few that particularly fits the demands of DJs. Reason being that DJs often require speakers that are both suitable for studio sessions, and large hall events. The Yamaha HS8 model handles both tasks with relative ease simply by utilizing the components that are within its disposal. 

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The Yamaha HS8 model seems to be what everyone is talking about today because of the incredible features that it has. DJs also can’t help being fond of this very speaker because of the quality bass that it produces when in use. This model also features an 8-inch mid-range and also a 1-inch dome tweeter.


This model has a 120Watt power source that was carefully and cleverly split into categories that aid in producing the powerful sound that is heard whenever it is in use. From the 120Watts that are being allocated to the power source, the Yamaha HS8 speaker bi-amps 75W power to the mid-range and 45W to the tweeter. The manufacturers thought it wise to do so as it will aid the speaker to produce a sound that is both clear and audible to fill a room without affecting its clarity. 

It has been registered that most speakers that are usually high-powered often emit a hissing sound that is irritating to the ears, especially when music is either being created or recorded. While nothing can be done to correct or adjust this irritating sound in most speakers, the reverse is the case for the Yamaha HS8 model, as it is curtailed or completely removed by simply turning down the volume of the speakers. 

The Yamaha HS8 speaker also comes with two different types of input ports that provide you with easy connectivity options. So you now have the option to connect directly to your controller, mixer, personal computers, or laptops to the speakers using these available ports. Note; this model (Yamaha HS8) does not come with a standby feature, meaning you will be required to switch off the speakers with the aid of the switches found at the back of the panel whenever the speaker is not being used. 


Yamaha HS8 Speaker

For a fact, the Yamaha HS8 model is one authoritative speaker that commands respect when in use, and this is due to the high-quality components that were embedded in it. All compartments in this speaker work hand in hand to produce excellent sounds that are satisfactory to its user.  

We will closely look at some of those key features next. 


When it comes to sound quality, The Yamaha HS8 model tremendously outshines the models before it. We felt we should drop that hint there as we believe it will help you make informed decisions when next you’re out to make a switch. The HS8 speaker has a powerful low-end that is designed to properly manage bass. So, if you are among the people who enjoy bass while listening to music, then this speaker is for you. For occasions that require more power, you can add a subwoofer to it to increase its power and range. 


The Yamaha HS8 model might be an excellent option for bass lovers, but that’s not its only specialty, as it also can produce impressive mid and high tempos for genres such as trance and EDM.

The mids have great depth while the highs are amazingly crisp and soothing. At all times, you can be sure to enjoy a balanced frequency. Plus, its flat responses are also quite solid.

 The flat sound is that heard is essential to DJs while mixing or mastering a song. This is because the flat frequencies that are generated allow them easily detect errors without stress while working. This makes the duty of the music producer easier and faster. The HS8 speaker also comes with improved level adjustment buttons on both the mid-range and tweeter which enables the user to configure the speaker to suit whatever requirement that they have in mind. 

According to Yamaha, the essence of the mid-range and tweeter is to unify the sound frequencies that are being generated at 2khz. But close observations show that the crossover happens at 1.7khz instead. Regardless of this, the tweeter falls off at 2.3khz at an equal rate. The output of 2khz is only achieved when the average sum of these two factors is taken. One of the major functions of the mid-range is that it easily eliminates any form of interference that may arise from the cone regardless of the crossover range.

It’s also essential to bear in mind that the tweeter can run smoothly even when the frequency range crosses the 7khz margin. The speaker’s bass is equally ported at 45hz for depth. When both of these frequencies are combined, the sound produced is not only loud but clear and rich in quality. 


It’s no news that Yamaha has been in the sound industry for a while, and one of the things that have made this brand successful is its build quality. They are also known for being highly durable. In the build of the Yamaha HS8 model is a dense MDF board which makes it light to lift.

Again, the type of wood that was included while making the case of the HS8 model helps it absorb shocks and varying degrees of impact during transit. The presence of the MDF board makes it an excellent substitute for the resonance-proof sound casing. While making the Yamaha HS8 speaker, the brand chose the piano design that contains the three-way mitered joints that helps in resonance reduction. 


Due to how sophisticated the HS8 design is, we believe it is an attempt by the company (Yamaha) to come up with a design that will knock off every speaker in its class. Why do we say this? Well, that is because several unique components are embedded in this product that is equally found in the high-end range. Its woofer is about 8 inches tall, and the sounds generated usually come with little distortion.

The cone effortlessly manages the bottom-end well and also helps to power the punchy bass vibes. With its low-end properly protected, the 1-inch dome tweeter is yet another vital feature that comes with the HS8 model that helps to give the user a crisp sound. It (tweeter) also professionally spawns high-frequency output, and this can be an added advantage for audiophiles and DJs. The HS8 functions with an energy rate of 120Watt and the power are shared equally among the tweeter and the mid-range through the aid of a bi-amplification system. 


Frequency range is another thing that plays a significant role when it comes to speakers because it will assist the speaker in producing different notes and pitches of the song that is being played. The accuracy that is achieved on each note and pitch can be credited to the HS8’s wide frequency. Also embedded in the HS8 feature is a 2-way bass-reflex system that is responsible for producing enough bass that will eliminate the need for subwoofers. 

Most DJs usually have a hard time placing their speakers properly while performing, with the Yamaha HS8 model, this won’t be considered a problem because the company has provided a room control feature that tremendously gives this speaker enough balance to play in any situation or placement. The speaker also has a control function that you can use to modulate the frequency response. 



When it comes to the general outlook of this model, we think sincerely think it’s a give-and-take situation where you have to give up having a stylish design to get your hands on the amazing features. That is not to say it’s isn’t as sleek as the ones before it, just that the HS8 model has a basic appearance and no unnecessarily flashy accentuations. The Yamaha HS8 speaker is available in two colors namely white and black with a matte coating. There is also a white-colored woofer cone which is not out of place from the rest of the box. In case you need a speaker that is worth noticing, then we advise you choose the white speaker. The reason for recommending this is because a bright color will be more highlighted in any setting compared to its counterpart. The silver screws fastened on the HS8 model make the black speaker appear even cooler.


If you have a small-sized studio or space, then you may not need to check the dimension of the speaker before you purchase it to ensure you don’t have to struggle with where it will be kept. But even if you have a small space for it, there is no need to panic as you can also get an HS8 monitor that is meant for mounting it on the wall. You can also opt for this if you want your workspace clean and well-organized. 


Only two connection options which are XLR and TRS were made available for this speaker. And these ports are responsible for channeling both balance and unbalance signals to the speakers. 


The Yamaha HS8 speaker also comes with an AC input that is located at the back, which connects the power cord to it and switches it on. 


  • It has a solid body that helps it withstand varying degrees of falls and impacts. 
  • It comes with MDF wood and three-way mitered joints that prevent it from falling apart. 
  • It produces crystal clear bass and sound
  • It is built to accommodate any space. 


The Yamaha HS8 speaker comes with a mid-price range that can be considered pricey for DJs working on a budget. This should not discourage you from going for it if you are in dire need of a quality speaker that will serve you for a long time. Consider it a necessary investment that will save you from purchasing a speaker that needs subwoofers. 


In general, Yamaha as a brand, are experts in producing a range of speakers that particularly fits most DJs requirement and some of those speakers successfully made it onto our comprehensive guide. Be sure to check it out to see a full comparison of Yamaha speakers against other DJ speakers that are available. 

So, who is the Yamaha HS8 model most suitable for? 

We know that is the next question that will most likely pop into your mind. While we have mentioned a few times how this model appears to be most suitable for DJs, we will also like to say it is a speaker that was made for everyone that enjoys the quality sound. 


We hope that after reading our carefully put-together survey, that you are convinced and not confused about choosing the Yamaha HS8 to suit your music requirements. But then, when going for this powerful device, be mindful of the room where it will be kept because these speakers are extremely loud and big. In other words, this means you could face some challenges using it in a small room or studio. To avoid getting into this messy situation, search for a suitable spot and place the speakers in your studio. 

Thanks for reading, See you next time!

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